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At Peoria Water Softeners we focus on giving you the right product your homes clean water needs.  That starts with a free in-home consultation to help determine what is in your water.  This helps us to build you a system specific to your home and the city water you are sourcing from.  We recommend our 100% no-salt water filtration & softener systems as our best value.  These systems require no maintenance on your part, and can be installed to service your entire home.  Traditional salt water softeners on the other hand, require maintenance and do not service your entire home.  The choice is entirely up to you, but regardless, you will be getting the best water softening equipment in & around Phoenix, AZ.

Highest Quality

Our systems offer the highest quality in construction with the absolute best filtration mediums!

Clean Water

Our premium no salt systems provide the most clean water for the whole home, at every faucet!

Whole Home Treatment

We can provide water treatment to every faucet, including the kitchen sink and fridge line.

  • Whole home water filtration
  • No salt to worry about
  • Automated maintenance
  • Removes hard water
  • Low power consumption
  • Helps increase water pH
  • Removes chlorine
  • Patented technology
  • Certified plumbers
  • Locally owned & operated
  • Great tasting water
  • Softer skin and hair
  • Protect family health
  • Protect faucets, pipes, & appliances
  • Environmentally friendly

Don't Let This Happen To Your Home!

Can you believe you're drinking and bathing in this stuff? Hard water is especially high in Arizona, CALL US TODAY!

Hard Water

Arizona has very hard water that contains minerals and other contaminants that accumulate over time and can cause damage to your water pipes, appliances and faucets. As the years go buy, these minerals build up and clog your water lines. If you've ever noticed the green build-up in your shower faucets, around your shower handles, in your shower, or in and around your sink, you are not filtering your water and causing excess damage to your drains. The hard water can shorten the life of your water heater and dishwasher. There are few ways to remove the minerals and contaminants which include salt and potassium systems, but those systems do not offer whole water filtration without additional reverse osmosis systems for your kitchen. You probably didn't know that your home's soft water loop does not connect to your sink or fridge. With our systems, we bypass the water loop and tap right into your home's main water line. Because we do not use salts or potassium tablets, this means every single pipe and faucet in your home gets clear, pure, filtered water. Our systems can be installed in any home. Request a free in-home consultation to find out more. We will test your water, show you what you're drinking and bathing in, and provide you with the best system at the best price you can find.

Salt Water Softener Systems

Salt water softener systems not only take up more space, they require maintenance, heavy lifting, and excess costs. In these types of systems, to remove the hard water you must put bags of salt into a brine tank every month to help break the minerals that cause hard water. This can pose to be a problem if you are not capable of lifting 20-50 lb bags of salt. Additionally, these systems leave your water undrinkable, which is why your home's soft water loop does not cover the kitchen sink or the fridge water line. These systems are designed to filter your water and remove hard water by sifting it through salt or potassium tablets. The benefit of this is the minimal use of electricity for your water softening. These types of systems provide better filtration and softening than your city water, but they are not as superior compared to our no-salt system.

NO-Salt Water Softener Systems

No-Salt Water Softener & Water Filtration Systems provide the best overall water quality when compared to any other system available on the market. With this system, the salt or potassium brine tank is removed entirely and replaced with an electric device that destroys the damaging hard water minerals coming from your local city water. This special electrolysis process uses a very minimal amount of electricity and will last guaranteed for at least 10 years. This allows us to install your new filtration system right into the main water line of the home, bypassing the water loop if you have one. We bypass the water loop because water loops do not provide softened or filtered water to your entire kitchen area. Only the hot water lines are connected to the water loop, so if you want to enjoy a nice cold glass of water from the sink or fridge, no other system will provide you clean water without additional water treatment hardware. This system is so good, you can forget about maintenance and care entirely! Once we install it, you are good to go!

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Our water softeners are built, installed, and serviced by our exclusive locally owned and operated partner! Don't buy from the big guys, buy from the guys that matter who provide the best systems, at the best prices, with the best service.